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Learn the link between drug abuse and the spread of HIV infection in the United States.
Send the Message

Please help us send the message to young people and to parents, teachers, and the media about the link between drug abuse and HIV.

We have produced a set of multicultural public service announcements (PSAs) that use the theme of text messaging, a popular trend among young people.

The "Text Message" PSAs feature two young girls messaging each other about a mutual friend who got high at a party and made risky choices that ultimately led to an HIV-positive diagnosis. These PSAs are available in four lengths (60, 30, 20, and 15 seconds) and in two versions-one set for use around World AIDS Day (December 1), and one set that can be aired at any time.

The "After the Party" PSAs tell the story of the girl who is HIV-positive (from the "Text Message" spot) from her own perspective. These PSAs are available in three lengths (60, 30, and 15 seconds) and in two versions-one set is bilingual (English and Spanish) and the other is in Spanish.

Our other campaign materials include print PSAs, Web banner PSAs, promo cards, and posters.

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